Opmax is more than just an internet marketing agency.  It is our mission to understand your business inside and out.  We do our job best by finding out how your business works and what you intend to achieve through your internet marketing campaign.  After finding out all we can about your business we create a custom program designed to meet your specific needs.

Keyword Selection

We utilize popular search engine analysis tools in order to create a working keyword list for your website.   We take the information provided by these search analysis tools along with information that you provide us with in order to determine the best and most targeted keywords for your particular business.

Onsite Programming

We work to ensure that your page is optimized both visibly and invisibly.  Not only will the look and content of your website be optimized for search engine usage but the less visible parts will be as well. After the ideal list of keywords has been selected we will work to ensure that all titles, META tags, ALT tags, and internal linking structures are optimized this includes but is not limited to:

  • Careful evaluation of internal linking structures including link names and titles.
  • The structuring of various file and page names.
  • Addition or modification of a site map.

Link Generation

Having incoming links to your website is an important component of the optimization process.  Opmax will seek out various business and related website that have something to offer in the form of valuable links to your site.  We will contact the owners of these sites either through phone or email to inquire about their interest in linking to your website.

Finding good linking opportunities is an important aspect of improving your overall ranking.  Opmax helps business owners to identify ideal linking opportunities.

Content Development

Opmax understands the importance of having quality content in the race for higher rankings.  Our team of professionally trained SEO copywriters will work to provide the type of content that can help you to achieve top rankings.  Our content generation services include:

  • Creating articles, press releases, and other forms of content in order to boost rankings.
  • Adding to or modifying existing web content if necessary.

In addition to these services our team of professional copywriters will also examine web content and seek out ways to help boost rankings.  Our writers do this through intelligent copy that will appeal to customers and search engines alike.


Opmax will work with your business every way we can to help boost rankings.  We strive to provide excellent services and quality content.  With our services you can benefit in several different ways including:

  • Increased Online Presence
  • Higher Brand Recognition
  • A Boost in Rankings
  • An Increase in Sales and Leads