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George Lewington
George LewingtonDirector, Opmax UK
I began my obsession with Search Engine Marketing began in 2013, working alongside Ex-Googlers in Tenerife. I like to get my hand dirty when it comes to SEO, testing different parts of the algorithm to know what is working and what to move away from.
Mark Eurlings
Mark EurlingsPartner, Opmax Holland
Mark is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of the Opmax brand. He has a flare for client relations and knows how to make big ideas happen. With his team of specialists in Holland, he manages over 130 online marketing campaigns, driving results for some well known brands.
Andreas Kramers
Andreas KramersWeb Designer, Opmax AT
Andreas is an all round good guy with many talents. He can build great looking websites and has a specialism in E-commerce web stores. He runs Opmax Austria in Salzburg helping local clients with their digital marketing.