More and more people are turning to the Internet as a means of finding local businesses.  The return on investment for local yellow pages continues to decrease while rates remain high and readership deminishes.  On the other hand Local Internet searches topped 2 billion and growing for each month of 2016. Social Media is also increasingly important.

Our Services

We offer many different ways of increasing your business’ local identity.  We can not only help to get your business properly listed with major search engines but we can also help to get you into hundreds of online directories as well. We offer SEO in a range of locations in Berkshire, including, Maidenhead. 

  • We will start by updating your current local listing and creating new ones where none existed before.
  • We will optimize your listing by adding pertinent search information such as products, services offered, payment methods, and hours of operation.
  • We will continue to manage your local listings after creation to ensure that the information provided remains correct.

Benefits of Local Search Optimization

There are several benefits to local search optimization including the fact that we can link directly to your website from most directories.  This allows potential customers to find out more about what you have to offer.

With our services you can:

  • Reach most UK consumers that are searching online, in fact up to 90%.
  • Develop optimized listings that will rank higher.
  • Get potential clients to visit your website and see what you have to offer, increasing your revenue.
  • Enhance local identity and brand presence on the web.
  • Be located by local customers for much less than the price of a yellow page adds.

Recommended partner site: Local Optimize run by Tobias Holzhauser. – A talented SEO in Stuttgart.